Grease the VW AUDI panoramic sunroof?

What for?

Grease the panoramic sunroof avoids squeaks, engine problems and possible blockages at closing (I speak knowingly). This is part of the periodic maintenance that needs to be done to prevent long-term problems.

Apply to VW Golf Variant, Tiguan, Touran, Sharan, Jetta, Passat CC etc…
Audi A5,Q5, Q7 etc… and Skoda Yeti, Superb break.

What fat?

Use lithium solid fat or polycarbamide fat (it is resistant to heat and harsh weather conditions which corresponds well to the use of the sunroof).
For VW the ref is this one G 060 751 A2 but you can find it at your usual fat suppliers such as « Fuchs » or « Graisse Belleville » for example.

example of carbamide fat
VW homemade grease



When you operate the closing of the sunroof panoramic the moving part advances by jerk, the engine hardly you should hea
r means you have to grease it


-A 10 / 20 mm brush you can buy the cheapest and bend them slightly to grease the
rail -A

ragSedtsit grease in the guide rail.
Use the brush to grease the sunroof mechanism.

fine greasing sunroof
don’t forget to grease here to avoid any problem at closing
place or grease
place to grease
or grease the sunroof?
Arrows indicate where to put fat

Greasing the joints

Basically the joints do not lubricate but when it squeaks sometimes put a little lubricant with liquid silicone does not hurt.

Here you greased the mechanism of your panoramic sunroof. ✅ ✅

If you need so I have realized several tutorials that can help you:

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