Clean sunroof drain pipes for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat?

A known problem on our famous panoramic sunroof is that the orifices even the drain pipes of it are clogged because of the dirt (agglomeration of small leaf, dust, sand etc…).
We’ll see together how we can Clean VW AUDI sunroof drain pipes this before the car turns into a pool 🏊 🏊.

🔧 Tool

1-brake cable (or counter) bike length about 2 meters.
2- T25 tournevis.

⌚ Time 30 / 45 min.


At first we will see where the vents are arranged in the vehicle to Clean sunroof drain pipes, it is not very complicated they are arranged at the 4 corners of the sunroof:

The 2 fronts being accessible by opening the panoramic sunroof.
Both of the backs are accessible by disassembling the rear window of the sunroof.

VW tiguan panoramic sunroof escape pipes
Arrangement of the exhaust pipes of the VW Tiguan panoramic sunroof

1 – Opening of the panoramic sunroof in maintenance position

opening the roof
No access to the screw in the classic open position

You have to open the sunroof in an extreme position: I explain, when the sunroof arrives in the open position at the max you have to continue to turn by keeping the rotating button turned, you will then see that the roof opens even more, which will give you access to 2 screws on the photo below.

access to screw maintenance position
Access to the screw in the maintenance position

2- Removing the rear window of the panoramic sunroof.

You have to remove the two screws (one on each side) paying attention to the puck underneath.

Then you have to place yourself in the back seat to remove the screws that are hidden behind the joint (2 on each side).
Do not hesitate to put your hand to lower the seal in order to pass the screwdriver.

how to insert the screwdriver behind the seal
You have to lift the joint with your hand to pass the screwdriver and be able to unscrew
insertion of the screwdriver behind the joint
Result here

3 – Clean sunroof drain pipes from the sunroof.

Then you have access to the 4 orifices of evacuation there is only to use the brake cable to clean the drain pipes.

sunroof drain pipes
The right rear sunroof’s escape hole

4 – Checking the sunroof’s drain holes.

Pour water into the sunroof « drop ».
Water must pass through the drain pipes of the sunroof and flow on the ground through the wheel passages.

5 – Reassembling.

Go back in the opposite direction.
You cleaned the drain pipes from the panoramic sunroof.

If you need so I have made several tutorials that can help you :
– Grease the panoramic sunroof.
Change the blind / panoramic roof curtain.
– Remove the air deflector for (maintenance of the clean for example)
– Reset the motors of the panoramic sunroof and blind.

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