Sunshade replacement front and rear of BMW MINI COOPER R55, R56, R60

Quick tutorial: Do the Sunshade replacement front and rear of BMW MINI COOPER R55, R56, R60. PDF FREE for any order.



30 MIN


1- Remove the rear/front sunroof window

Remove all three screws on each side by placing themselves inside the vehicle.

Do the same on both sides.

2 – Carefully remove the rear wind

ow3 – Remove the sunroof rear store

Remove the screw from the top which frees the piece on the left side.
Do the same on both sides.

4 – Declipsing the blind

Decising the plastic from each sundal by paying attention to the surrounding rooms.

5 – Put the new rear blind in place

Insert the blind by paying attention to the fabric and clip the plastic parts

6 – Raise the nut of stage 3

7 – Return the rear window (reverse step 2)

8 – Review the 3 screws on each side (reverse step 1)

Resize the 3 screws left and right

9 – Setting the sunroof window if necessary

One side after the
otherVist the left and right screws without tightening so that you can adjust it in translation and then tighten the screws once the setting seems
suitableThe measurements from left to right are: Meas

ure 1 :d
e 0 to 1 mm

Measure 2
:d to 0.5 mm

3 of 0 to 1 mm

10 – Start-up sunroof after disassembly assembly

The sunroof can be initiated in any positionMaintain
the switch throughout the procedure:
1 – Turn on by holding the « Close » switch The sunroof will move a few centimetres.
maintain the switch in this position Reature realized: Hold
Switch in the direction « Close » in the first position.

  1. Sunroof closes completely after 30 seconds
  2. Sunroof opens completely
  3. Then the sunroof moves into a « closed » position
  4. Release the switch.

    How to make sunroof sunshade MINI’s replacement

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