Recurring problems panoramic sunroof VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat

The panoramic sunroof that equips the VW, Tiguan, Audi Q5, Skoda Yeti and many other models of the aforementioned brands is subject to various recurring problems to which I will try to bring a solution by different means by trying to be the most efficient and least expensive.

There are 5 (non-exhaustive) recurring problems:

  • water infiltration.
  • locking the sunroof.
  • the sunroof blind relaxed, worn, broken.
  • sunroof movement that does not match the demand.
  • the net of the sunroof deteriorated.

1 Water infiltration.

Among the recurring problems of the panoramic sunroof this one is probably one of the most annoying. In order to solve the problem that makes your vehicle a swimming pool it is necessary to successfully locate the location of it in order to determine the cause. Water infiltration is a fairly complex problem as it can have several various causes that are:

The sunroof frame cracked, broken.

In this case the best is to change the sunroof frame the maneuver is complicated is expensive however it is largely feasible with the right methodology, if the opportunity arises I would not fail to make a tutorial for this work.

Evacuation pipes are clogged.

VW tiguan panoramic sunroof escape pipes
Evacuation pipes

Here a simple unblocking is enough, you can find the procedure by clicking >> here

The pipes are worn out.

Here just change the used pipes by others. the method is >> here

The hose came out of the sleeve at the exit of the water drain.

Following the models behind the wheel passage to the rear and has the front behind the jar left for Tiguan for example.

The joins show signs of fatigue.

outer seal (4), inner seal (1)
outer seal (4), inner seal (1)

Exterior or interior just change them if the opportunity arises I would make a tutorial.

2 The problem of locking the sunroof.

Closing problem
Closing problem

The reset can solve the problem by doing the manipulation that is >> here<.

The panoramic sunroof does not close, the sunroof jerks.

At the end of the cycle, it happens that it in beating position at this time you can try to grease as I explain in this article.

3 The sunroof blind detened, worn, broken.

Relaxed sunroof store is a problem that can be solved.
Relaxed sunroof store

You can change it as it is accessible to everyone by following the procedure I make available ici
.je would regularly update it with your comments as much as possible.

4 The sunroof encounters a problem during movement.

The panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof

Sometimes the engine is lost and no longer knows its reference positions (closed, open).
In this case the reset is effective in many cases, however sometimes it is not enough to solve the problem.
It must be added a manual actuation of the blind in order to bring it into a closed position to perform the handling.
Check out the procedure here.

5 The net of the sunroof deteriorated.

The air deflector problem
air deflector

Here the change is necessary, you can help yourself with the article I wrote about it by clicking >> here<.
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