VW AUDI SKODA SEAT panoramic sunroof features

Here is a short presentation of the panoramic sunroof features that can be found on many models VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat.


Tiguan panoramic sunroof credits Antoine Ducroq


The panoramic sunroof is composed of 2 windows, the front window is mobile, the rear window is fixed.


The « beating » position

beating position
beating position

The moving glass can be put in a beating position by pulling down the rotating button.
It closes by pushing that same button upwards.

Opening / Closing

The moving glass opens by turning the rotating button, there is the possibility to adjust the opening of the glass using the rotating button, the most open position being this one.

max position presentation
Max aperture position

The so-called « maintenance » position

maintenance position - sunroof features
maintenance position

Among the panoramic sunroof features there is a maintenance position allowing access to two screws that allow to disassemble the rear window, something that is necessarily necessary for:

The sunroof occult blind

The sunroof has a sunroof blind that obscures in case of sun or to avoid seeing rain in winter.

sunroof features
blind position closed

Opening/closing of the blind

The opening/closing of the blind can be done entirely by pressing the opening/closing once (button embedded in the rotating button).

To stop the opening/closing, the rotary button must be re-pressed.

VW interior - sunroof features

Air deflector

It has an air deflector equipped with a net (very convenient to avoid ending up with a colony of gnat in the cockpit).

air deflector - features of the sunroof
air deflector

For the dismantling of the air deflector you can find it by clicking HERE

Reset procedure

Sunroof reset procedures are available by clicking HERE

All you need to know of panoramic sunroof features.

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