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Sunshade replacement front and rear of BMW MINI COOPER R55, R56, R60

Quick tutorial: Do the Sunshade replacement front and rear of BMW MINI COOPER R55, R56, R60. PDF FREE for any order.



30 MIN


1- Remove the rear/front sunroof window

Remove all three screws on each side by placing themselves inside the vehicle.

Do the same on both sides.

2 – Carefully remove the rear wind

ow3 – Remove the sunroof rear store

Remove the screw from the top which frees the piece on the left side.
Do the same on both sides.

4 – Declipsing the blind

Decising the plastic from each sundal by paying attention to the surrounding rooms.

5 – Put the new rear blind in place

Insert the blind by paying attention to the fabric and clip the plastic parts

6 – Raise the nut of stage 3

7 – Return the rear window (reverse step 2)

8 – Review the 3 screws on each side (reverse step 1)

Resize the 3 screws left and right

9 – Setting the sunroof window if necessary

One side after the
otherVist the left and right screws without tightening so that you can adjust it in translation and then tighten the screws once the setting seems
suitableThe measurements from left to right are: Meas

ure 1 :d
e 0 to 1 mm

Measure 2
:d to 0.5 mm

3 of 0 to 1 mm

10 – Start-up sunroof after disassembly assembly

The sunroof can be initiated in any positionMaintain
the switch throughout the procedure:
1 – Turn on by holding the “Close” switch The sunroof will move a few centimetres.
maintain the switch in this position Reature realized: Hold
Switch in the direction “Close” in the first position.

  1. Sunroof closes completely after 30 seconds
  2. Sunroof opens completely
  3. Then the sunroof moves into a “closed” position
  4. Release the switch.

    How to make sunroof sunshade MINI’s replacement

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Recurring problems panoramic sunroof VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat

The panoramic sunroof that equips the VW, Tiguan, Audi Q5, Skoda Yeti and many other models of the aforementioned brands is subject to various recurring problems to which I will try to bring a solution by different means by trying to be the most efficient and least expensive.

There are 5 (non-exhaustive) recurring problems:

  • water infiltration.
  • locking the sunroof.
  • the sunroof blind relaxed, worn, broken.
  • sunroof movement that does not match the demand.
  • the net of the sunroof deteriorated.

1 Water infiltration.

Among the recurring problems of the panoramic sunroof this one is probably one of the most annoying. In order to solve the problem that makes your vehicle a swimming pool it is necessary to successfully locate the location of it in order to determine the cause. Water infiltration is a fairly complex problem as it can have several various causes that are:

The sunroof frame cracked, broken.

In this case the best is to change the sunroof frame the maneuver is complicated is expensive however it is largely feasible with the right methodology, if the opportunity arises I would not fail to make a tutorial for this work.

Evacuation pipes are clogged.

VW tiguan panoramic sunroof escape pipes
Evacuation pipes

Here a simple unblocking is enough, you can find the procedure by clicking >> here

The pipes are worn out.

Here just change the used pipes by others. the method is >> here

The hose came out of the sleeve at the exit of the water drain.

Following the models behind the wheel passage to the rear and has the front behind the jar left for Tiguan for example.

The joins show signs of fatigue.

outer seal (4), inner seal (1)
outer seal (4), inner seal (1)

Exterior or interior just change them if the opportunity arises I would make a tutorial.

2 The problem of locking the sunroof.

Closing problem
Closing problem

The reset can solve the problem by doing the manipulation that is >> here<.

The panoramic sunroof does not close, the sunroof jerks.

At the end of the cycle, it happens that it in beating position at this time you can try to grease as I explain in this article.

3 The sunroof blind detened, worn, broken.

Relaxed sunroof store is a problem that can be solved.
Relaxed sunroof store

You can change it as it is accessible to everyone by following the procedure I make available ici
.je would regularly update it with your comments as much as possible.

4 The sunroof encounters a problem during movement.

The panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof

Sometimes the engine is lost and no longer knows its reference positions (closed, open).
In this case the reset is effective in many cases, however sometimes it is not enough to solve the problem.
It must be added a manual actuation of the blind in order to bring it into a closed position to perform the handling.
Check out the procedure here.

5 The net of the sunroof deteriorated.

The air deflector problem
air deflector

Here the change is necessary, you can help yourself with the article I wrote about it by clicking >> here<.
If you have any beneficial questions or comments that everyone could benefit from then contact us.
A contact page is dedicated to this here

Sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement VW Audi Skoda Seat

Torn store? Relaxed? musty, dampness on the canvas? The spring is out of side guides?
We’ll see how to make sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement on VW Tiguan, Touran, Sharan, Golf V break, Audi Q5, Skoda Superb break, Skoda Yeti and Seat Leon break.
This is not given in concession because there is quite a labor the bill can easily go up to around 700 or even much more.
It is a method that works, it is not the only one but i will give you all you need for sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement.


I do not accept any responsibility in case of a personal accident or deterioration of your vehicle, take the necessary precautions and check not to have anything broken or damaged, if this is the case then change what has been damaged before going back up.
Check the electrical cables, some are used to power the airbags so do not laugh with the safety organs.


  • Torx T15 T20 T25 key/turntable or tip
  • 10 key or tip (depending on model)
  • Big flat screwdriver
  • Dismantling tool available here (optional)
  • Plastic dismantling tools to avoid scratches on the interiors of your car. Failing that, an old loyalty card, a guitar metronome etc…
  • 6-pans key set or tip
  • New Sunshade you can find >> here



A Note: there may be some difference in the levels of dismantling of the amounts according to the models and according to the vehicles below

Example: for the Golf variant there is the trunk part to disassemble in addition and the maintenance of the roof sky is different I voluntarily omitted it because this car is rare. anyway you have enough information to carry out the change of the sunroof blind, sunroof curtain, velum.

1 – Open the sunroof in “maintenance position”

Open the TOP in maintenance position, if you don’t know how to do it you can read the article that features the VW panoramic sunroof by clicking here


the important thing is to have access to the screw you see (position beyond the max)

maintenance position - changing the panoramic sunroof blind
maintenance position
access to screws - changing the panoramic sunroof blind
access to screws

2 – Open the sunroof blind to the maximum

open the blind to the maximun

4 – Disconnect the battery

As a safety precaution, it is advisable to disconnect the battery.

5 – Place ceiling lights and plastic caches


Remove the plastic part using a pick and then remove the screws.

6 – Remove side mount front left

Remove the AIRBAG symbol with the thinnest plastic tooling possible (pick) by leveraging by putting pressure on the shapes (see arrows inwards).
Do the same for the right front amount.

left front climb - changing the panoramic sunroof blind
Rising front left

7 – Remove left center mount

You must start by removing the AIRBAG symbol as previously remove the fastening screw (put the belt setting high enough but not too high in order to be able to access with the torx screwdriver).

The amount must be detached from the lower dwellings in order to be able to bring it down (try not to take out the plastic part that serves as a setting for the height of the belt).
Do the same for the right.

left center mount - change of panoramic sunroof blind
central side climb

8 – Remove the profile that goes around the roof sky

There are about twenty staples to de-clip by leveraging with a plastic disassembly tool (failing that you can use a blue card for example or a pick).

9 – Remove sunscreen

Open small caches with an extra fine plastic tool or a precision screwdriver but with caution, an extra fine guitar pick can do the trick.

sunscreen - change of panoramic sunroof blind

Be careful with the sundness because it still holds by its cables so you have to remove the plug so that it is finally free.

10 – Remove the tailgate back cover (chest)

rear cover - changing the panoramic sunroof blind
back cover

Open the tailgate and pull down the back cover with a snap.

11 – Remove the back cover (chest)

Remove plastic pushers with a special T10236 tool or with pliers on either side of the plastic part.

low rear cover - changing the panoramic sunroof blind

Remove the plastic part from the metal hoops then remove it upwards.

12 – Remove side cover (chest)

safe-hide-lateral - change of panoramic sunroof blind

Motto the screws of the fasteners of the side part of the trunk then unseal the peripheral parts by passing the hands or a tool between the joint and the plastic.

13 – Remove top side cover (chest)

Remove the dressing piece by pulling down.

top side cover - change of panoramic sunroof blind

Shoot following arrows A and then B.

14 – Fold the back seat, advance the seats to the max and lower the seats

13 – Unplug plugs controls sunroof

connectivity - changing the panoramic sunroof blind

14 – Remove plastic holding parts from roof sky

Remove the screws from the plastic part.

15 – Remove the handles

Take the handle as if you wanted to catch it remove the 2 torx screws.

Note: On Q5 these are plastic parts to remove instead of a special tooling that you can >> find here< mais un pic a brochette plié avec le bon angle peut faire l’affaire.

16 – Check that nothing holds the roof sky, light, ceiling light then extract the roof sky mold by advancing it forward in order to clear it from the rear studs and then extract the roof sky molded from the rear

17 – Remove the rear window from the sunroof

Deflect the screws (torx T25) from the top, paying attention to the 2 or 1 washers depending on the thickness of the washer that are on top.

If this is not already done, the mobile part of the sunroof should be brought back to the open position max. (by reconnecting the connector)

access to screws

If you have to operate the sunroof you can do it manually with a 6-panel key directly on the sunroof engine in front

Lift the seal with your hands to pass the screwdriver to remove the screws hidden behind the seal.

At this very moment you have the opportunity to unblock the opening holes of the sunroof enjoy reading this article I realized on the subject.
useful link

18 – Lift the rear glass

Normally there is the possibility of sliding it a little forward or you can remove it supplement.

19 – Remove supports in the corner

This place above the sunroof by standing by the door studs or by the location of the rear window.


Remove the media that make the angle (screw torx) the media are clips and targeted. WARNING to the seal (3).
Do the same both sides Der-cliper slide supports (1) by disassembling it up Remove the slide supports from the finishing bar (2)

20 – Remove the screws from the coiling rack holder set.

Remove the spotted screws (1) to gently remove the blind holder backwards and then, once the support is removed, remove the finishing bar from the blind by dragging it sideways.

21 – Setting up the new panoramic sunroof store

This is the most minute part of the sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement.

Put the new sunshade >>available here< in the support and slide the metal finishing bar into the black rubber part (1), trying to center it as possible
Think about putting the small staples (2) that I provided for free with the blind.
They remove from the plastic part by pushing with a small flat screwdriver.


The staples hardly fit very difficult to see in the notch of the lateral spring provided for this purpose, do not file them, saw them … it comes back hard and it’s normal.
Skew it to engage it and then hand the right, it can force to put it straight but no impact on the assembly.

22 – Engage the coiling support store set


Solution 1: Engage the flat part of the sunshade’s panoramic sunroof into the rail (1) on each side to revise the screws removed at stage 19.

Solution 2: Engage only the store-finishing bar set alone and then move on to step 23 (addition of slide racks).
Add the coiling blind holder, once the blind is installed)

23 – Add slide racks

Add the slide racks (2) by engaging them in the finishing bar (3) laterally, then clipping them over the top on the clip in reverse to step 19.

mounting the blind - changing panoramic roof blind

Reassemble the corner supports above the sunroof
WARNING grease only in the hollow part of the slide holder photo (to put).

24 – Manually operate the panoramic sunroof blind manually to make sure the blind doesn’t hang

Using a 6-panel key directly on the winding blind engine (spotted 3 ) which is located at the back just behind the coiling store support set.
The ideal being to make a few go back before seeing if there is a possible blockage (dirt, debris in the guide rail) and that everything goes well.

25 – Rise roof sky mold inversely to stage 7

26 – Reassemble rear window of sunroof fixed part by proceeding inversely to step 15

27 – Putting key tension on the
contact ‘> contacting ‘> battery delivery

We put the battery back after putting the ignition to avoid being in the car at the time of the contact to avoid being knocked out by the airbags in case of malfunction (we are never safe).

28 – TOP calibration – STORE

After sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement, you must reset his engine.

If the contact is not yet set then put the battery contact off and put the battery back it can avoid getting an airbag in the head and if there is a malfunction.
At least by doing it like that you’re out there.


Put Rotating button in maintenance position.
Pull down glass button down and hold for 20 seconds even when it is moving it will open and close you can release


Store must be in closed position.
Press and hold on “close” store for 20 seconds.
The blind opens and closes then you can release.


If the blind works properly, you can go back in the opposite direction otherwise review what is wrong and be methodical you will quickly find the cause of the problem.

Congratulations your sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement is done.

An article is available on the subject (useful after changing the sunroof blind):
useful link

If you have any questions here is my contact:

To get this TUTO PDF
for sunshade’s panoramic sunroof replacement enter your email address here:

VW AUDI SKODA SEAT panoramic sunroof features

Here is a short presentation of the panoramic sunroof features that can be found on many models VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat.


Tiguan panoramic sunroof credits Antoine Ducroq


The panoramic sunroof is composed of 2 windows, the front window is mobile, the rear window is fixed.


The “beating” position

beating position
beating position

The moving glass can be put in a beating position by pulling down the rotating button.
It closes by pushing that same button upwards.

Opening / Closing

The moving glass opens by turning the rotating button, there is the possibility to adjust the opening of the glass using the rotating button, the most open position being this one.

max position presentation
Max aperture position

The so-called “maintenance” position

maintenance position - sunroof features
maintenance position

Among the panoramic sunroof features there is a maintenance position allowing access to two screws that allow to disassemble the rear window, something that is necessarily necessary for:

The sunroof occult blind

The sunroof has a sunroof blind that obscures in case of sun or to avoid seeing rain in winter.

sunroof features
blind position closed

Opening/closing of the blind

The opening/closing of the blind can be done entirely by pressing the opening/closing once (button embedded in the rotating button).

To stop the opening/closing, the rotary button must be re-pressed.

VW interior - sunroof features

Air deflector

It has an air deflector equipped with a net (very convenient to avoid ending up with a colony of gnat in the cockpit).

air deflector - features of the sunroof
air deflector

For the dismantling of the air deflector you can find it by clicking HERE

Reset procedure

Sunroof reset procedures are available by clicking HERE

All you need to know of panoramic sunroof features.

If you have some issue with your panoramic sunroof you can check the folowing articles :

Reset engine of the VW panoramic sunroof and store

🆘 Today we’re going to talk about resetting/calibrating the engine of Tiguan’s panoramic sunroof and that of the blind engine (panoramic sunroof curtain).
It sounds complicated but there is nothing complicated in this procedure, just know it.
So all you need to know to reset engine of panoramic sunroof is available here.

Difficulty: Easy


So it happened to me after a sunroof jam that the engine was a little lost, in other words when I activated the rotating button of the sunroof or it was not going in the desired position, it was kind of going back. It is at this time that calibration/calibration takes on all its importance to restore the engine’s bearings so that it remembers its beginning and end of the race.

This procedure is recommended in case of replacement of the panoramic roof store (for the engine located at the rear) and for any dismantling of the glass or locking of the sunroof for the sunroof engine (located at the front).


1 – engine panoramic sunroof.

Rotating button in closed position and closed window pull button down and hold for 20 seconds even when it is moving (that’s important) it will open to about half its total run and closes. At this point you can release the rotating button.

Button in closed position

Then you can test the opening and maximum closure to check how well it works.

2 – Sunshade’s engine panoramic sunroof.

Closed positon store and rotating button in closed position.
Press and hold the sun-parory closure button for 20 seconds.
The blind opens about half of its total run and closes. At this point you can release.

Turn button in closed position

Then you can test the opening and maximum closure to check how well it works.

You have just completed the calibration of your two engines. Bravo! 👋 !

If you need so I have realized several tutorials that can help you:

Clean sunroof drain pipes for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat?

A known problem on our famous panoramic sunroof is that the orifices even the drain pipes of it are clogged because of the dirt (agglomeration of small leaf, dust, sand etc…).
We’ll see together how we can Clean VW AUDI sunroof drain pipes this before the car turns into a pool 🏊 🏊.

🔧 Tool

1-brake cable (or counter) bike length about 2 meters.
2- T25 tournevis.

Time 30 / 45 min.


At first we will see where the vents are arranged in the vehicle to Clean sunroof drain pipes, it is not very complicated they are arranged at the 4 corners of the sunroof:

The 2 fronts being accessible by opening the panoramic sunroof.
Both of the backs are accessible by disassembling the rear window of the sunroof.

VW tiguan panoramic sunroof escape pipes
Arrangement of the exhaust pipes of the VW Tiguan panoramic sunroof

1 – Opening of the panoramic sunroof in maintenance position

opening the roof
No access to the screw in the classic open position

You have to open the sunroof in an extreme position: I explain, when the sunroof arrives in the open position at the max you have to continue to turn by keeping the rotating button turned, you will then see that the roof opens even more, which will give you access to 2 screws on the photo below.

access to screw maintenance position
Access to the screw in the maintenance position

2- Removing the rear window of the panoramic sunroof.

You have to remove the two screws (one on each side) paying attention to the puck underneath.

Then you have to place yourself in the back seat to remove the screws that are hidden behind the joint (2 on each side).
Do not hesitate to put your hand to lower the seal in order to pass the screwdriver.

how to insert the screwdriver behind the seal
You have to lift the joint with your hand to pass the screwdriver and be able to unscrew
insertion of the screwdriver behind the joint
Result here

3 – Clean sunroof drain pipes from the sunroof.

Then you have access to the 4 orifices of evacuation there is only to use the brake cable to clean the drain pipes.

sunroof drain pipes
The right rear sunroof’s escape hole

4 – Checking the sunroof’s drain holes.

Pour water into the sunroof “drop”.
Water must pass through the drain pipes of the sunroof and flow on the ground through the wheel passages.

5 – Reassembling.

Go back in the opposite direction.
You cleaned the drain pipes from the panoramic sunroof.

If you need so I have made several tutorials that can help you :
– Grease the panoramic sunroof.
Change the blind / panoramic roof curtain.
– Remove the air deflector for (maintenance of the clean for example)
– Reset the motors of the panoramic sunroof and blind.

Grease the VW AUDI panoramic sunroof?

What for?

Grease the panoramic sunroof avoids squeaks, engine problems and possible blockages at closing (I speak knowingly). This is part of the periodic maintenance that needs to be done to prevent long-term problems.

Apply to VW Golf Variant, Tiguan, Touran, Sharan, Jetta, Passat CC etc…
Audi A5,Q5, Q7 etc… and Skoda Yeti, Superb break.

What fat?

Use lithium solid fat or polycarbamide fat (it is resistant to heat and harsh weather conditions which corresponds well to the use of the sunroof).
For VW the ref is this one G 060 751 A2 but you can find it at your usual fat suppliers such as “fuchs” for example.

example of carbamide fat
VW homemade grease



When you operate the closing of the sunroof panoramic the moving part advances by jerk, the engine hardly you should hea
r means you have to grease it


-A 10 / 20 mm brush you can buy the cheapest and bend them slightly to grease the
rail -A

ragSedtsit grease in the guide rail.
Use the brush to grease the sunroof mechanism.

fine greasing sunroof
don’t forget to grease here to avoid any problem at closing
place or grease
place to grease
or grease the sunroof?
Arrows indicate where to put fat

Greasing the joints

Basically the joints do not lubricate but when it squeaks sometimes put a little lubricant with liquid silicone does not hurt.

silicone lubricant
example of lubricant

Here you greased the mechanism of your panoramic sunroof. ✅ ✅

If you need so I have realized several tutorials that can help you:

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