Change of panoramic sunroof blind VW Tiguan | Touran | Golf estate | Audi Q5 | Skoda | Seat

Torn blind? relaxed? musty, damp canvas? Spring out of side guides?
We’ll look at how to change the panoramic sunroof blind on VW Tiguan, Touran, Sharan, Golf V/VI estate, Audi Q5, Skoda Superb estate, Skoda Yeti and Seat Leon estate.
It’s not cheap at a dealership, as there’s a lot of labor involved, and the bill can easily rise to around €800 or much more.
It’s a method that works, but it’s not the only one.


I accept no responsibility for personal injury or damage to your vehicle, so please take the necessary precautions and check that nothing has been broken or damaged. If this is the case, please change what has been damaged before reassembling.
Check the electrical cables, some of which are used to power the airbags, so don’t mess around with the safety devices.


  • Wrench/screwdriver or Torx bit T15 T20 T25 
  • 10″ wrench or bit (depending on model)
  • Large flathead screwdriver
  • Dismantling tools (optional)
  • Plastic disassembly tools to prevent scratches on your car’s interior. Failing that, an old loyalty card, a guitar metronome etc…
  • Set of hexagonal wrenches or bits
  • a blind that you can find on the site or from a serious supplier



Please note: there may be some differences in the disassembly of the uprights depending on the model and vehicle below:

Example: for the variant Golf, there’s also the trunk section to remove and the headliner support is different. I’ve deliberately omitted it because this car is rare. In any case, you’ve got enough information to successfully change your sunroof blind, sunroof curtain or velum.

1 – Open the sunroof in « maintenance position

Open the TOP in the maintenance position. If you don’t know how to do this, you can read the article describing the functions of the VW panoramic sunroof by >>clicking here<.

rotary knob
rotary knob

the important thing is to have access to the screw you can see (position beyond max)

Maintenance position view
Maintenance position view
Maintenance position view
Maintenance position view

2 – Open the sunroof awning as far as it will go

Rear view
Rear view

4 – Disconnect the battery

For safety reasons, we recommend disconnecting the battery.

5 – Remove ceiling light and plastic covers

Remove plastic part
Remove plastic part

Remove the plastic part using a pick, then remove the screws.

6 – Remove front left side panel

Remove the AIRBAG symbol with the thinnest possible plastic tool (pick) by levering and applying pressure to the shapes (see inward arrows).
Do the same for the right front upright.

Left front upright
Left front upright

7 – Remove left central upright

Start by removing the AIRBAG symbol in the same way as you removed the fixing screw (set the belt adjuster high enough, but not too high, to allow access with the torx screwdriver).

The upright must be disengaged from the housing at the bottom so that it can be moved downwards (try not to pull out the plastic part which adjusts the height of the belt).
Do the same for law.

Central « belt » post

8 – Removing the profile around the canopy

There are about twenty staples to be unclipped by levering with a plastic disassembly tool (or you can use a credit card or a pick).

Remove T-profile
Remove T-profile

9 – Remove sunshade

Open the small covers with an extra-thin plastic tool or a precision screwdriver, but with care; an extra-thin guitar pick can do the trick.

Rearview mirror
Removing the mirror

Be careful with the sunshield, as it’s still attached by its cables, so you’ll need to remove the plug before it’s finally free.

10 – Remove rear hatch cover (trunk)

rear cover view
rear cover

Open the tailgate and pull the rear cover down with a sharp tug.

11 – Remove rear cover (trunk)

Remove the plastic plungers using a special tool such as T10236 or pliers on either side of the plastic part.

Remove the plastic part from the metal hoops and pull it upwards.

12 – Remove side covers (trunk)

right rear trunk view
right rear trunk view

Unscrew the fixing screws on the side of the trunk, then unclip the peripheral parts by passing your hands or a tool between the seal and the plastic.

13 – Remove upper side cover (trunk)

Remove the trim piece by pulling downwards.

rear view left
rear view left

Pull as indicated by arrows A and B.

14 – Fold down the rear bench seat, move the seats to the maximum forward position and lower the seats.

15 – Disconnect sunroof control plugs

view from sunroof control panel
view from sunroof control panel

16 – Remove plastic headliner retainers

Remove the screws holding the plastic part in place.

17 – Remove handles

Tiguan handle and VAG group disassembly
Tiguan handle and VAG group disassembly

Hold the handle as if you were trying to grab it and remove the 2 torx screws.

Audi Q5 handle removal tool
Audi Q5 handle removal tool

Note: On Q5, these are plastic parts to be removed in place of special tooling, which you can >>find here<, but a piece of bent flat iron, a sacrificed screwdriver or a bent skewer pick at the right angle can do the trick.

18 – Check that nothing is holding back the headliner (light, ceiling light, etc.), then remove the molded headliner by moving it forwards to disengage it from the rear uprights, then remove the molded headliner from the rear.

19 – Removing the rear window of the sunroof

Unscrew the fixing screws (Torx T25) from above, paying attention to the 2 or 1 washers on top, depending on the thickness of the washer.

If you haven’t already done so, return the movable part of the sunroof to its fully open position. ( by reconnecting the connector )

interior view
interior view

if you need to operate the sunroof, you can do so manually with a 6-sided wrench directly on the front sunroof motor

Lift the gasket with your hands to pass the screwdriver through to remove the screws hidden behind the gasket.

20 – Lift rear glass

At this very moment you have the opportunity to unclog the drain holes in the sunroof. Take advantage by reading this article I wrote on the subject.

21 – Remove corner brackets

Stand over the sunroof by the door jambs or by the rear window.

top view awning
top view awning

Remove the angle brackets (Torx screws), the brackets are clips and screws.
ATTENTION to gasket (3)
Do the same on both sides
Unclip slide supports (1) by pulling upwards Remove slide supports from finishing bar (2)

22 – Remove the screws securing the roller blind support assembly.

awning assembly fixing screws
awning assembly fixing screws

Remove the screws marked (1) to remove the awning support quietly towards the rear, then once the support has been removed, remove the finishing bar from the awning by sliding it sideways.

23 – Fitting the new panoramic sunroof blind

This is the most meticulous part of changing a panoramic sunroof blind.

Place the new roller blind >>available here<< in the bracket and slide the metal finishing bar into the black rubber part (1), trying to center it as much as possible.

Remember to use the small staples (2) that I supply free with the blind.
They can be removed from the plastic part by pushing with a small flathead screwdriver.

It’s very difficult for the staples to fit into the notch in the side spring, so don’t file or saw them… it’s normal.
Put it on at an angle to engage it, then put the right one back on. It may take some force to put it back on straight, but it won’t affect the assembly.

24 – Engage roller blind support assembly

installing the awning
blind installation view

Solution 1: Engage the flat part of the blind in the rail (1) on both sides and tighten the screws removed in step 19.

Solution 2: Engage only the blind + finishing bar assembly, then go on to step 23 (addition of slide rail brackets).
Add the roller blind support once the blind has been installed )

25 – Add the sliding brackets

Add the slide brackets (2) by engaging them laterally in the finishing bar (3) and then clipping them over the clip in the reverse way to step 19.

detail view awning
detail view

Refit the corner supports above the sunroof

WARNING grease only in the hollow part of the slide support
see photo ( to put )

Video available by following this link >> click here <

26 – Manually operate the panoramic sunroof awning to check that it does not snag.

detail view
detail view

Using a hexagonal wrench, screw directly onto the roller blind motor (marked 3) located at the rear, just behind the roller blind support assembly.
Ideally, you should go back and forth a few times to check for any blockages (dirt, debris in the guide rail) and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

27 – Reassemble molded headliner in reverse to step 7

28 – Refit fixed rear sunroof window in reverse order to step 15.

29 – Power up
key in ignition => switch on ignition => battery back on

We put the battery back in after switching on the ignition to avoid being in the car when the ignition is switched on, and to avoid being knocked out by the airbags in the event of a malfunction (you’re never safe).

30 – TOP + STORE calibration

After changing the sunroof blind, you must reset it.

If the ignition hasn’t been switched on yet, then switch on the ignition with the battery switched off and then switch on the battery again, to avoid getting an airbag in the head, and if there’s a malfunction.
At least this way you’re out.


Rotary knob in closed position glass closed
video link
Pull button down and hold for 20 seconds even while it’s moving it will open and close you can release


Blind in closed position.
Press and hold blind closing for 20 seconds.
The blind opens and closes, and you can release it.
video link


If the blind is working properly, you can go back up in the opposite direction. If not, go over what’s wrong and be methodical – you’ll soon find the cause of the problem.

An article is available on the subject ( useful after changing sunroof blinds ) :

Réinitialiser les moteurs du toit ouvrant panoramique VW et du Store.
useful link

If you have any questions, here’s my contact:

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